LTMP's in the cloud

View, print or update your LTMP 24/7 from anywhere and from any device. Also, now you get to keep the same plan indefinitely, it will just need tweaking each year - or whenever you choose.

After all it’s your data and once it’s in the cloud, you are in control.

Plan Heaven is for Big and Small

It doesn't matter how many big or small your development, Plan Heaven is your permanent LTMP solution. Use us to to set up and manage your plan, or at any time take it over yourself. Or give your other consultants access so they can contribute. Or go DIY all the way. Or something in between. But what ever you decide, no problem, because you can change your mind every year.

Full Setup

Choose this option when you would like us to create your plan in Plan Heaven. Includes a site inspection.

Site Visit Update

Choose this option when your plan is already set up in Plan Heaven but you need it updated with a site inspection.

Desktop Update

Choose this option when it's time to update your plan again but it doesn't warrant another site inspection.

Subscription only

Choose this option if you don't want to update your plan in any one year or you want to update it yourself.

Features and Benefits

  • Your plan will be fully compliant with the Unit Titles Act 2010 and the Unit Titles Regulations 2011.
  • Plan Heaven has been designed with your owners in mind. Your plan will be easy for your owners to understand and embrace.
  • Your plan will be built and maintained in accordance with best practice. (see
  • And much much more