Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Why Plan Heaven?

Plan Heaven is an app.  It's an online LTMP template or tool designed to make your long-term maintenance planning cheaper, easier, faster and more responsive.

By using Plan Heaven as your LTMP manager, you will have a compliant document built in accordance with best practice that your owners will find easy to understand and embrace.

You will also find that your plan will be simple to update each year and have approved at your AGM. To achieve this you can either commission Plan Heaven to fully manage the process for you, or at any time, or in any single year you can save costs by taking it over yourself.

Features and benefits

  • Your plan becomes a living and responsive document, easy and cost effective to update each year.

  • All data belongs to the body corporate at all times. If you ever want a copy of your data we will download it and send it to you.

  • Your plan can be updated by Plan Heaven trained operators, or the body corporate can take over and manage the editing online. Or choose a different option in any single year.

  • There are several update options allowing you to save in costs depending on the complexity of your buildings and plan.

  • View your plan online, including on your mobile devices or print a hardcopy.

  • When you do choose to work with your plan online the body corporate can have unlimited users, including unlimited administrators and unlimited readonly users.

  • You will also be entitled to unlimited edits, unlimited data storage, unlimited photo storage and unlimited document's storage.

  • Your plan will be fully compliant with the Unit Titles Act 2010 and the Unit Titles Regulations 2011.

  • Your plan will be built and maintained in accordance with best practice. See ltmpbestpractice.co.nz

  • Plan Heaven has been designed with your owners in mind. Your plan will be easy for your owners to understand and embrace.

  • There are full DIY options available for those body corporates who feel sufficiently confident to use the online tools, using volunteer-owners or their manager or contractor.

  • Tutorials are available online.

  • A full demo website provided.

  • Plan Heaven is your permanent, future proof long-term maintenance planning solution.

Plan Heaven. Cheaper, faster, easier, more responsive and fully compliant long-term maintenance plans.

How much does this service cost? Use our online calculator. All you need is the number of units in your development.

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The Plan Heaven team.

Service Options

  • Full Setup

    Choose this option when you are new to Plan Heaven and would like us to setup your plan for the first time.

  • Site Visit Update

    Choose this option when you would like us to update your plan in any year and include another site visit.

  • Desktop Update

    Choose this option when you would like us to update your plan in any year but it doesn't warrant another site inspection.

  • Account Fee Only

    Choose this option if you don't want to update your plan in any one year or you want to go DIY.

  • Why Plan Heaven?

    This is a list of Features and Benefits of using NZ's most responsive LTMP building tool.

  • How much does it cost?

    Use our handy online fee calculator. All you need is the number of units in your development.

  • Get a written quote

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