Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that if you commission Plan Heaven to build your LTMP, and if you're not happy with it, you don't have to pay. 

The only condition we have is that we would like to know what you think was wrong with it.  That way, we will be able to improve. 

But otherwise, it's pretty straightforward.  If you don't like our work, we'll rip up the invoice. 

Last updated 28 May 2023 JB

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The Plan Heaven team.

Service Options

  • Full Setup

    Plan Heaven can create your new LTMP. We have two options, Comprehesive and Compact.

  • Updates

    You must update your LTMP and there are several ways you can do this.

  • Subscriptons

    When you pay the subscription we commit to managing your data. There are two subcription options.

  • We're just a phone call away.

    We're committing to support you over the long term. Call us and you will speak to a human.

  • Our Guarantee

    We offer a 100% Guarantee.

  • Get a written quote

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