Are you ready for the next unprecedented event?

Are you ready for the next unprecedented event?

Are you ready for the next unprecedented event?

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic has fully played out, the last decade will already go down in history as the one where records were created. 

The decade started with the earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 and those of us who aren't a body corporate manager in Christchurch can't imagine the amount of work and stress that would have been involved (and still is) coping with all of the issues - especially having to deal with unresponsive insurance companies. 

Since then we have had extreme weather events, road closures due to fires and infrastructure failures, business interruption due to infrastructure upgrades, the terrorist attack on the two Christchurch mosques and now we have a pandemic.

On a global scale, we've also had Brexit and a madman has been elected to the White House, and he wants to start a new cold war - or maybe even a hot one if that's what he has to do to get re-elected. 

We appear to be in an era of unpredictable and unprecedented events many of which will affect our businesses and lives in general.  But while we might not be able to predict what we might be faced with next, we can predict that over the next decade there will be more significant events and the new normal operating environment for bodies corporate and body corporate managers is one that will be disrupted for one reason or another.  

So are you ready? Do you have a disaster recovery or disrupted business operating plan?  Does this plan allow you to adapt and pivot and thrive in the new operating environment? 

Because it seems that's what is required.

Updated by John Bradley

15 March 2020

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