It's a Plan. Not a Report

It's a Plan. Not a Report

At Plan Heaven, we don't provide our customers with a report.  We create plans.  There's a difference.

What's a report?

Typically, if an owner wants an expert opinion about the state of an element on their property, they will ask a consultant for advice.  This could be about any building element or item of infrastructure.  If it's to do with weathertightness, they will probably use a building surveyor.  If it's about the lift, they will consult a lift engineer.  And so on.  The consultant will take a look and present the owner with a written report that will include the consultant's recommendation about what should be done. 

The document will commence with a summary of the client's instructions, followed by statements about the process of gathering information and detailed disclaimers, especially noting the exclusions.  Then it will present the defects discovered and recommended remedies.  The text will likely include words like "the writer recommends...." and there will be a few pages of cost calculations and maybe some graphs to support the writer's recommendations.    

What's a plan?

On the other hand, a plan will typically commence with an introduction to the organisation or the land and buildings, as the case may be, and then present a chronological and costed list of what is planned to be done. 

But the statements are written from the organisation's position and not the report writer.  e.g. "The Company will invest in research and development."  "The Society will seek funding by charitable donations."  Or, "The Body Corporate will paint the weatherboards on a cycle of around every ten years."

At Plan Heaven we write plans

At Plan Heaven, we are planners.  We don't write reports; we write plans.  Our plans list what the body corporate is planning to do and what it is budgeted to cost.  

The first draft we present will be a proposed complete plan, and the body corporate can ask us to make as many alterations as they need until it feels right for them.  After all, it's the body corporate's plan, and we're just there to help put it together. 

Because with any planning, especially when many people are involved in the decision-making, it is much easier to start with the draft of a proposed complete plan. 

The Unit Titles Act states that it is the body corporate that must create and maintain a long-term maintenance plan.  And because it's the owner's property and the owner's money - and the owner's plan - at Plan Heaven, we believe it's our role to help the owners build a plan that works for them.     




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