1. Why two sets of print pages?

    We have provided two sets of pages for "View" and "Print" because the settings needed to provide the optimum screen experience are different to those we need for a nice printed document.

    So if you need to print a hardcopy version of the plan you should select those pages listed in the "Print" column. These these have been styled to give you a better looking printed document.

    Alternatively, if you just want to view the files in a browser or mobile device, you are best to use those files listed in the "view" column.

  2. Use your browser to print

    At the moment there is no feature provided to print to pdf but this is scheduled to be added later as an upgrade. Meanwhile your browser has a print function already built-in and generally this can be accessed by clicking your right mouse button.

    Tip: When you right click in the document, don't hover over the image when you click. The browser will think you want to print the image and will give you a different set of settings than if you hover over part of the text.

  3. If you need pdf

    If you really need a pdf version, there are many pdf printers available that you can download and install on your computer. You might also find this useful for other printing jobs. Those available include the usual top-end software packages that require you buy a license but there are also many very good free packages available. Take a look at this link to a review of the best seven free pdf printers available at the moment. We can vouch for Bullzip PDF Printer as we use it in our office. You should be aware that pdf software packages are typically installed on your computer as a printer and once installed you will be able to access them along with your desktop printers when you click your print button.

  4. Removing headers and footers

    Any headers and footers that appear on your printed pages are controlled by your browser so if you want to remove them, you can do this by changing your browser settings. This is a link to a guide that explains how to change your settings for the most common browsers.

  5. Setting the top and bottom margins

    The same applies if you would like to tweak the margins, especially the top and bottom so that your content sits better on a printed page, as with headers and footers you should use the options in your browser settings.

    If you have any difficulties or problems when printing please let us know using the feedback form. Please include the browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, IE 8 etc.)

If you have any feedback or questions please use the feedback form.

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