It's the Body Corporate's Plan

It's the Body Corporate's Plan

It's the body corporate's plan.  It has to be.  It's the body corporate that "must" establish and maintain a long-term maintenance plan. 

But many Chairpersons and Committees have learnt that creating a long-term maintenance plan isn't as simple as it sounds, and at Plan Heaven, we consider that it's our job to help the owners prepare their LTMP and maintain it over the long term.

This is how we do it. 

  1. First, we visit the site and take a good look around.  Where possible, we also want to hear from the body corporate or their managers about what work has been recently carried out and what you have planned for the future.  We also like to hear your concerns so we can help you address them.

  2. We write up the plan in a layout that is easy to follow and gets all of the owners involved.

  3. We write in plain English.  Despite our planners being highly skilled and qualified, they know that unit owners are represented by a broad mix of people, including some who know a lot about buildings to those who know very little.  There will also be some who have limited English language skills.  So we write your plan using language and terminology so that most readers understand what is planned and why.    

  4. When we include planned work as a job, we explain why it is planned and how much it is expected to cost.  We also include explanations as to how the estimated costs were calculated.  That way, the estimates can be easily recalculated if we have made some wrong assumptions.  And, unless you have a quote, we round to the budgeted cost of work to the nearest $100 for smaller items and the nearest $1,000 for bigger projects.  Nobody can accurately estimate the cost of any building work down to the last dollar, so we don't pretend we can.

  5. Then toward the end of the plan, we include a simple cash flow table.  This where the job costs are summarised and the levies required to fund the proposed work are shown. 

Contact us for a copy of an example plan, and you will quickly see how easy it is to understand.



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The Plan Heaven team.

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