Comprehensive vs Compact Plans

Comprehensive vs Compact Plans

Our Comprehensive plans - the ones you are familiar with from Plan Heaven. 

Ideal for those that need a full and rich explanation that helps them readily understand the issues and actively participate in the decision-making process.

These plans include a full overview of the development and its elements, along with their condition, long-term maintenance needs, associated job budgets and funding requirements.  This makes our Comprehensive plans easy for owners to understand and support.

Our Compact plans - are just that, condensed and to the point...compacted.

Our Compact plans are ideal for those that want to get straight to the punch line and are comfortable with less commentary and supporting explanation.

These plans are fully compliant and still bring the same level of detail to the job costings, job scheduling and funding information with a condensed overview and summarised version of the element descriptions and conditions.  Imagine the descriptions on a line or two rather than half a page or so provided in the comprehensive plans. 

What happens when it comes to updating these plans?

Once the plans are written, the updating costs are similar for both, although marginally lower for the compact, as most of the effort in updating a plan is in the site visit, condition assessment and updating and refining the jobs.

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