Adding Users to BCs

Adding Users to BCs

Adding users to a BC

There are three categories of user in Plan Heaven.

  1. The Primary Administrator.  There can be only one Primary Administrator.

  2. Other Administrators.  There can be many Administrators.

  3. Everyone else.  Anyone not an Administrator has readonly access.

The Primary Administrator 

The Unit Titles legislation requires that "the person who created the LTMP" is named in the document.  In Plan Heaven we have created the role of "Primary Administrator" to satisfy this requirement.

The person who first creates the body corporate account automatically becomes the Primary Administrator and remains so until someone else is appointed.  

We have prepared a help page on Administrators here and made more comments in this help section on compliance.

The other Administrators

We've made provision for other users to be appointed as Administrator simply so that the burdon of editing can be shared.  You don't have to appoint more Administrators if you don't want to and each user's status can be changed at any time.

Any Administrator can add new users to a body corporate account but it is the Primary Administrator who will receive any email requests.

So how do you appoint a new user to a body corporate account? 

  1. First the other user must join Plan Heaven and agree to the terms of use.

  2. Once a new user has joined they have access to a page which lists their plans. Naturally a new user will have no plans but they can click on the button "Request access to an existing body corporate account".  They are then taken to a form where they input the body corporate number.  

  3. They complete the form, follow the prompts and click confirm.

  4. The Primary Administrator is then sent an email with the request including the user’s name, email address and phone number.  

  5. Presuming it is a legitimate request, the Primary Administrator logs in to Plan Heaven, goes to the dashboard of the BC and opens the users menu.  The Administrator selects the option to add another user, follows the prompts and the user is added.

  6. If the Primary Administrator is unfamiliar with the user they can contact them directly to get more information.

  7. Of course it is entirely acceptable that an Administrator joins any person that they know - such as an owner or committee member - without the new user having to go through the on-screen process.  Once a user has joined and accepted the terms, if they are known to an Administrator, by all means just join them by using the "add another user to this BC" button. 

The new user will need to log in again

The new user will get an email advising they have been joined and that they will need to log in again to complete the joining process.

We recommend you establish a policy

We suggest you consider establishing a policy in regard to who you want to grant access to because this is likely to make the Primary Administrator’s job easier when there is a suggestion that the person requesting access should be declined.

As an example, you might want to make it policy that only owners can have access and if someone such as a real estate agent wants a copy of your plan, you can direct them back to the owner.

But we will leave that to you. After all, a new user can only view and print the plan. So it probably comes down to who you can trust to not print and indiscriminately distribute it.

If you have any feedback or questions please use the feedback form.

The Plan Heaven team.

Disclaimer. Plan Heaven is not qualified in law and any comments made on this website are only the opinion of Plan Heaven and should not be regarded as legal advice. Our comments are merely providing some thoughts on how the legislation might be interpreted and how we go about attempting to meet its requirements. You should not rely on this information in isolation and do you own homework and at all times if you wish to be sure of your position relating to legal matters you should seek advice from a suitably qualified lawyer.