Why should I pay the subscription?

Why should I pay the subscription?

Our investment in the The Plan Heaven app

To achieve low cost and easy updating of long-term maintenance plans, we made the investment required to build the Plan Heaven app.  We also need to continue investing in maintaining each body corporate's data and the ongoing updating of the app itself.  

This required us to think about our pricing and we chose to use the model in common use with SAAS (software as a service) businesses such as the online accounting provider  Xero, schools such as Lynda.com and software companies such as Microsoft and Adobe.  

How the subscription model works

1.  It brings benefits for the client

The subscription model comes with many benefits and gives clients a lot of flexibility.  They can use whoever they like to create and update their plans, they can include as much data in their plan as they like, update their plan as often as they like and have as many administrators as they like.

2.  Every body corporate needs to pay the subscription (or annual access fee) every year

The subscription is actually payable every year.  It's just that sometimes it's included as part of another service you might require.  For example, if you ask us at Plan Heaven to set up your LTMP, the annual subscription is included in our fee.  It is the same with any update. 

3.  What does it cost?

We can prepare a quote for you at any time or you can take a look at our pricing on this page

4. What if I don't want to maintain the account?

It's still the body corporate's choice whether or not its wants to maintain the an account in Plan Heaven.  If it doesn't want to pay the annual subscription in any one year, we will close the account and after that the body corporate will no longer be able to access the account or data.  However, if the body corporate wants to reopen its account, an account reopen fee will be payable.   

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The Plan Heaven team.

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